Tuesday, September 27, 2005

body art

In this line of work you get to see a lot. The quality varies from the self inflicted teenage scrawl to some really breathtaking (or very scary) artwork.

I recall a young woman who had a very fetching disney character tattoo on her tummy. This was proudly displayed every summer for all to see when her midriff was fashionably on view. Unfortunatley when she became pregnant the effect was rather spoilt as Thumper the Rabbit appeared to transform into Dumbo the Elephant, so, ladies, choose the site of your adornments with care!

Today I have seen my youngest aspiring body artist so far. At age 5 he was poked in the forehead with a pencil last week, then his school mates filled in the resulting hole with pale blue ink! The small blue dot should be easy enough to conceal for now as it lies very close to the hair line, and the ink may yet fade, but I wonder if I am witnessing the start of a new trend here.

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