Monday, September 24, 2007

Party Time!

It had all but escaped my notice, but will come as no surprise to regular readers. This blog is now officially terrible.

It has all the hallmarks, namely; frequent tantrums, regular spouting of meaningless drivel, and an unhealthy fascination with bodily functions. In fact it is just like any other two year old. Sadly though, it is not very likely that it will begin to develop signs of increasing maturity as it moves relentlessly from blog-toddlerhood to blog-kindergartendom.

It has been a fun couple of years on the whole, notwithstanding the attempts of Radio 4 to mess with my mind. I’ve met some lovely bloggy people (in a virtual sense that is) who are far saner and more mature than I can aspire to be, and they and this oeuvre have kept me as close to sane as I am ever likely to approach, so to all my many and varied therapists a big thank you is in order.

Sadly it’s too young for my favourite cake (a “bootlegger cake” made with tons of nuts, a modicum of rum, and a bourbon glaze for those who are interested) so I’ll just have to look after that for it myself, but there are party hats and hooters aplenty, and lots of crisps and e-number laden dainties to ensure another year of hyperactive misadventure for any who care to join in.

Oh, and a ball pool for us all to romp in, so don’t be shy, come and join the party!


steveg said...

Happy Birthday to you
Squashed tomatoes and.... etc


Nice one Dr J - Congratulations on staying the pace - I am proud to describe myself as a regular here and I look forward to manyt more of your postings

Thank You


Z said...

Happy Blogday, Dr J!

I had not noticed that the Caseblog was terrible. I still like it. Not that I know anything, of course...

Nutty said...

Happy Blogging Birthday!

Keep at it!

Elaine said...

Hippo Bird Dog 2 Ewes

Hippo Bird Dog 2 Ewes

Hippo Bird Dog Deer Dr Jest

Hippo Bird Dog 2 Ewe.

Have much enjoyed keeping up with you and look forward to a continuing blog.

The cake sounds excellent. I can match that only loosely by describing the special parts of my christmas cake (apart from the usual rich cake ingredients:

I add a miniature bottle of Tia Maria to the fruit mix, then after the baking and after it has cooled, I borrow a 10 ml syringe and a couple of green needles (to the accompaniment of many raised eyebrows) and use it to inject cognac into various parts of the cake repeatedly, wrapping it in foil after.

It matures very well to a rich, moist cake!

Have a good celebration, and return refreshed!

orchidea said...

I'm more of a tiramis├╣ gal myself, with lashings of amaretto liqueur, but don't mind me... I'll bring my own.

Happy blogversary and I didn't notice the caseblog was that bad either. Actually, I think it's rather impolite of you to point it out - it makes us readers look a little dim. ;-)

Now... did someone say something about E-numbers and romps? My erm, favourite things - how did you guess?

orchidea xxx

Shinga said...

Many happy returns, Dr J.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Crisps, dodgy sweets with e numbers and a ball pool...that's my idea of a really good time... Oooh, I'll bring the haribo!

Happy Blogging Birthday Dr J, like any truly terrible toddler this blog still makes me laugh out loud, Bendy Girl

Doctor Jest said...

Thank you to all for your kind comments. It really is quite shameless the way I fish for compliments isn't it ;-)