Friday, November 30, 2007

Delusions of Grandeur

“He’s ready for you now” Miss Moneypenny nodded towards the office door, marked with typical ministerial frugality with a single letter-- M.

In I went, full of trepidation. Two hours later I emerged triumphant. Horizons had been scanned, forward motion was observed and a jolly nice Macedoin de Fruits analogy slipped in under the wire. All told I had shoe-horned in a grand total of five reader submitted buzz words or phrases. And more importantly, my Double-O status is safe for another year. The denizens of Ambridge can sleep safe in their beds, knowing that Dr J is on watch.*

So thank you to all contributors for your sterling efforts in making this year’s appraisal more amusing. It is possible there will be concerns at NHS management level about my sanity after the report goes in, but there’s probably nothing new in that anyway. I now expect my call up to visit Q branch for some new goodies any day, so just one question remains.

Where do I sign to get my new Aston Martin?

*Although actually of course night work and weekends are no longer in my purview…


anthropositor said...

I just want to say that I like your droll sense of humor. And I'd like to supply you with some possible material from some crackpot who thinks people can, and probably should, try to take care of themselves a larger percentage of the time than they currently do. I feel sure that you could put this abrasive, cheeky curmudgeon in his place.

His name is Anthropositor. He runs his mouth a lot on Skin Cell Forum. He even has a blog which he calls Eureka Ideas Unlimited

This totally self-educated old geezer actually thinks he knows what he is doing half the time.

Boy, talk about dangerous delusional people, this guy really needs to be put in his place. He spouts flakey ideas as if he had some idea what he was talking about. Somebody should put this dirty rotten scoundrel in his place.


Elaine said...

Well done 00Jest. You will just have to start saving for that Aston Martin (and by the time you have enoough you probaby won't want one any longer....

BenefitScroungingScum said...

It's such a reassurance to know the government response to Shipman was to protect us with Buzzword Bingo!
Now, if you tell us you're actually Daniel Craig that really would be exciting ;) Bendy Girl

Doctor Jest said...

anthropositor-- welcome, and thank you for those kind words. I'll try to stop by your place when I can. Sounds interesting.

elaine-- Heh, I see what yuoo did there, very clever ;-)

bendy girl-- Actually, despite the flippant tone, I'm all for GP appraisal. It's a really good idea to get to rap to someone outside the practice about life in general and the job in particular once in a while. But the notion that this will help us unearth any homicidal psychopath colleagues is frankly laughable.