Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the season.

Sadly not much jollity in evidence in these parts though. One tiny ray of personal sunshine is that Whittards has found a buyer so I sha'nt have t worry quite yet about where ny next 250g of fresh ground Old Brown Java is coming from. I know there's always Taylor's of Harrogate, but it's so much nicer seeing an operative pour the beans out of the tin and into the grinder, whilst solicitously advising that once ground it's only good for a week or two at best, and asking whether the filter I'll be using is paper or permanent (aparently it makes a big difference).

Even the early a.m. run to collect the Turkey from M&S was a muted affair this year. Normally the place is heaving with beaming and avuncular types cheerily queuing for their produce and knocking back simmering goblets of mulled wine. This morning there were a half dozen bedraggled pensioners, a harrased looking suited lady exec and moi. And not a whif of mulled anything. Looking back on 08 it will not go down in the annals of Ambridge as an especially kind year-- and this was before the "crunch". Looking forward 09 doesn't hold out the prospect of being much better.

Still so long as there are Hob Nobs and Java to be had life can't be all bad. And I am as always eternally indebted to those of you who are kind enough to feed back on my ramblings. Your generosity of spirit, and lack of sound judgement, do you all credit, and I wish you all as safe and happy a Christmas and New Year as is humanly possible.

I may well be back before the latter (it's business as usual here Monday through Wednesday) but if not then I hope you will excuse me.

Now I'm just off to google McVities to make sure they are not yet in peril of calling in the recievers, so if you'll all excuse me.....


Anonymous said...

Happy xmas Dr J !

ageing student said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Doctor Jest!Thank you for brightening my day.

Swiss Missus said...

Thank you for being my tiny ray of personal sunshine. I'm not much of a coffee drinker (the occasional espresso after a meal, maybe), but I'm sure you'll forgive me. Hope your Christmas was happy and the turkey delish.

Nostrumdammit said...

I wish to register a complaint. I've only just woken up!
Some carol singer chappies arrived on the doorstep on the 23rd, saying they were collecting for a charity and would I like some mulled wine? Well - you can hardly turn that down can you!
So I invited the coves in after a particularly fine four part harmony rendition of "In the bleak mdiwinter" [ A Rutter version I seem to remember ], they pour me a large glass of the hot stuff and I reciprocate with some of my finest Whalers Old Dark Rum with coffee and mince pies.
The next thing I know is it's nine thirty on the the 29th and it's bally cold seeing as how the fire's been out for six days and the blasted choristers left the front door open after legging it with most of my antique furniture and my numismatological specimens! I'm sure my drink was spiced and I'm blasted if I can remember which pill I used.
Any way Dr J - Season's Best and all that.
Now, where's that Thresher phone number, must get ready for Hogmagranny.
Fondest regards,

Doctor Jest said...

Anon-- thanks, and I hope you also had a very Merry Christmas.

A.S.-- happy to be of service, and compliments of the season back at ya.

Swiss Mrs-- I don't think anyone's ever called me a ray of sunshine before, I'm welling up... I trust Xmas was good to you.

Nostrum'-- the trick is to switch glasses after spiking, or so I understand. Hope the New Year is kinder to you. On a numismatological note have you seen the new coin odf the realm with all the confusing little bits of the Royal Arms on it. Money as Jigsaw puzzle. It'll never catch on though, too many gaps in the picture...

Right time to round off '08 with a hob nob and a steaming mug of your choice. Best wishes to all!

Nostrumdammit said...

Dearest Dr J,
thank you for pointing out the error in my spiking technique. I had suspected the blighters were up to no good and had intended to telephone the Peelers once they were all asleep. I suppose six Rohypnol would have definitely kept me out of harms way for while.

Do you mean this coin ??

Quite an interesting little fellah I thought due to a new technique of laser-marginning to highlight, with enormous precision, each heraldic outline.

Do enjoy your New Year celebrations and try not to spill anything.
Sadly I am on a bit of a diet due to a new relationship. Cassandra insists that I stick to port, or brandy, or ale but not a mix. In the interests of matters relational I've plumped for the brandy. However I will be using my pewter tankard.

Regards as ever

Swiss Missus said...

I don't think anyone's ever called me a ray of sunshine before,

Well it's about time someone did! :-p

Seriously, Dr J, I don't know what you're like as a GP but your blogside manner is impeccable, as is your aptitude for turning an oh so elegant phrase...

Es guets Nöis!


Anonymous said...






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