Thursday, January 22, 2009

On being pleasant.**

It’s been an odd week again. The ongoing Ambridge Lurghi hasn’t helped, to be sure, but there’s more random weirdness abroad at the moment to go along with it. A case in point is young Elwood, a precocious little four year old who can already spell “Triceratops” and who has a friend who follows him everywhere, name of Harvey*. Elwood’s ears have been feeling a bit sore lately, so Granny brought the two of them in today.

“Harvey’s been poorly” chirrups the lad as Harvey takes his accustomed place seated beside his bestest friend. Elwood’s feet dangle over the edge of the chair, but as I round the desk I am careful not to step on the altogether larger paws of poor old Harvey.

I mime lifting aside a long lop-ear and gaze into space through my auroscope, a good two feet above the upturned face of young Elwood.

“It’s o.k.” say I “Harvey’s looking fine today, now how about you?” and then little Elwood proffers his own ear for inspection.

“Hmm. Not quite as good as yours I’m afraid,” I address the remark to the spot Harvey’s face should occupy. “I think the lad needs and antibiotic, just to be on the safe side.” We all three nod (Elwood assures me so), and off the two friends go, hand in paw, Granny in tow, clutching a script for Elwood, and the invisible carrot I proffer for Harvey’s trouble. I have a special jar of them on the desk, just for Harvey’s visits. Fortunately, being invisible it doesn’t take up much space.

* names changed to protect the innocent. The Triceratops, however is real.

** E-V-H-Ns (TM) on offer for the derivation as usual.


Anonymous said...

"in this life you can be ever so smart, or ever so pleasant. I was smart for years, I prefer pleasant"
James Stewart as Elwood P Dowd in Harvey.


Z said...

Anonymous got there first. I went to see James Stewart the last time he played Elwood P Dowd in Harvey, in London, and I'm so glad I did. The more than acceptable face of alcoholism. And imaginary friends.

ageing student said...

Oh dear, much too late I'm afraid. I thought 'I know this one - now's my chance for the virtual hob nob!' then realised that you had posted on Thursday and two people had already replied!

I had an imaginary white alsation that went everywhere with me when I was about nine or ten - I knew he didn't really exist, but he was great company as my brother was a lot younger than me and not much of a companion until he grew up and stopped being annoying.

Doctor Jest said...

all-- jolly well done, and hob nobs all round. And Z, I'm green with envy. Please tell me it was every bit as brilliant and magical as I imagine it to have been.

Z said...

He was wonderful and we could all have sworn that Harvey was really there by the end.