Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's finally happened. To be honest I'd half expected it, but still it's a bit of a shock to the system. Monday saw us all sitting around the table at coffee time dissecting the events of the weekend, and talk turned to Dr Neighbour's kids who are off doing the now almost compulsory world tour on a break between studies. They're able to keep in touch by mobile (sometimes) and by blog for the rest. Dr N is new to the bloggoshere and has found the whole thing a revelation, being able as she is to keep in touch with the kids adventures almost as they happen, in word and picture as well as (when monnies and signal permit) by voice.

We sometimes forget how much has changed this past decade. Even ten years ago, when a cousin of mine was doing the same thing, mobile coverage was less reliable and relatively massively more expensive, and most of us were still on good old fashioned steam powered dial up connections so the occasional email from Delhi or Addis Abbaba or wherever, was the most we could expect, and the the hard copy photo's pasted neatly into albums when processed and sorted after the prodigal's return.

So there we all were marvelling the wonders that modern tecnology and permanent web connection have brought when, from the other end of the table comes a voice-- "You've got a blog too haven't you Jesty!"

Back when I started this "stream of consciousness" rambling there were precious few medical bloggers, and especially GP blogegrs about. Not so now as a trawl through the blog rolls of some of my fellow bloggers will attest. I've always tried to keep this little corner of the net under the radar a bit, but being blogrolled by these same erudite colleagues means that inevitably one of my partners blundered across the caseblog some time ago, but till now hadn't thought to mention it.

I'm not overly surprised, but confess to being a little dismayed. It's not that I write stuff I think will upset them, it's just that from here on I'll be more directly aware of the presence peering over my shoulder. Right now I'm not sure what I think about that, but I suspect it will change the nature of our interaction in this virtual place, so I'm asking you all, regular and more recent readers, to bear with me while I figure it out.

Still it could be worse. At least I'm not a formerly cash strapped epidemiologist. Then again, I'll never be portrayed on screen by Billy Piper either.



Nikita said...

I hope you figure it out soon Doctor Jest as your blog is such a pleasant place to visit.

Do you really think that you might have to change? As you said, you have never written a single word that could upset a single soul.

Kind regards.

alhi said...

I'm sure it would be George Clooney who would play you:)

I don't think you have anything to worry about your colleagues will have been following your blog for a while if they know about it, have clearly found nothing in it that is bothersome, so just continue as it is.

Pondering Practitioner said...

I imagine you may feel that some of the magic of your blog has been lost by this discovery. The complete freedom that comes with anonymity gone. But hidden identity or not what you do is produce great stories that are fun to read and we'd hate you to stop.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

In a smaller way I understand how this feels from when a friend found my blog before it was linked elsewhere to my real name. Initially it was really difficult to write with the same kind of honesty, I blog about things I find too difficult or don't want to talk about. However as time goes on it becomes much easier to write as though no-one you know is reading it, and as all the others have said your writing couldn't offend anyone. I hope that weird feeling of shoulder peering leaves you soon.
PS: Yeah, George Clooney would be good, but can I request Daniel Craig to play you instead-I'm sure he'd be well up for the role!

Z said...

At least the person mentioned it directly. A long time ago, someone left a comment that (quite politely) indicated that they knew who I am. And someone else I know slightly mentioned my blog to my son. It felt very odd, but I've learned to live with it. Hope you can feel the same.

Jobbing Doctor said...

I decided to tell my partners after around 3 months.

Never had any antipathy about it at all.

They enjoy reading it, I believe.


Nutty said...

Someone I was on a committee with announced to a room full of people who I was posting as on a disability website. At the time I felt upset, but then I decided that anyone that can recognise my style probably has heard all I have to say anyway. If you only say about people what you'd say to people, it doesn't matter who recognises you.

Doctor Jest said...

A huge thank you to all who've commented, here and elsewhere. You are all wise beyond your years and your generosity of spirit is much appreciated.

Of course you're all quite right, the sky hasn't fallen in and I'm looking forward to business as usual in the near future. Thank you all for being there.