Friday, April 09, 2010

Proper poorly

Sorry not to have been around much lately. We've been a tad busy in Ambridge, especially this past two weeks, what with the bank holidays and all. Still at least it's starting to look as though spring might at long last be sprung. I'm going to try very hard to keep this space politics free this next month, but I can't promise. It depends how much I'm provoked. For today though a little treat from last week. I'm still not sure exactly what the problem was but I creased up with internal hysterical laughter at two points in the following exchanges. Virtual Lindt Bunnies on offer if you can spot where.


"O.k. Where exactly..."


"Right, so what is it you think the anti..."


"Yes but before I can I need to know..."




"Well what I wanted to ask was where you thought...."



Imogene said...

Hmmm. In your position I'd be tempted to administer something potently sleep-inducing. Good job I'm not in your position.

alhi said...

At the feeling unewll for months now and yet presumably only coming to you now? And then at the request for antibiotics because Mrs Wotshername had them?

Doctor Jest said...

Imogene-- there are times, for sure, but no always better not to yield to that sort of temptation. In the end we got to a point where we sort of agreed a management plan. And no, it didn't involve antibiotics.

alhi-- you'd think so, but no. In reality both those points are too familiar to engender a reaction. Still since there are no other guesses have a Bunny anyhow.

In fact since I'm in a generous mood Bunnies for all!

ageing student said...

No idea either but if the VLBs are still on offer may I have one please? (and don't bother about the antibiotics for me - I'm quite happy on my HRT these days).

Doctor Jest said...

A.S.-- absolutely. Help yourself. :-)

BenefitScroungingScum said...

There were bunnies and I missed them?! Oh no fair. I would've laughed at wanting to feel well being not too much to ask and that they shouldn't be feeling this ill, it's just not right. But that could just be because I'm warped.

Doctor Jest said...

Bendy Girl-- do please have a bunny. Still not quite right though. It was her imperious "Carryon" followed almost instantaneously by another interruption, and then the awful realization that in her mind she'd not yet even begun to tell me how she was feeling!

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's much wrong with feeling ill for months and eventually seeing your GP - after all you expect most things to clear up. Been there, done that, got the blood test.

It's people who feel ill for months and then go to A&E who are odd. A months old mild emergency? I hope you eventually got a word in edgewise?