Friday, December 30, 2011

I wouldn't get too excited, but...

"Crikey, two posts in under a month-- what's he playing at? You wait months and months and nothing at all, then this..."

"Shh I think he's trying to say something!"

"Well I for one am not holding my breath so there!"

(And you're right not too. It's been a bit quiet round here of late I know, but here goes...)

As you can probably gather 2011 has hardly been a vintage year at Jest Acres. In fact we’ll none of us be too unhappy to see it go. There have been times this year when it’s been hard to string a coherent thought together, let alone get anything down on the page—virtual or literal. I miss writing hugely, but for large chunks of this year the words just wouldn’t come. There have been moments and punters worthy of anecdote, but it’s just not been possible, and for that I apologize to those of you who might have stopped by from time to time.

I’m hoping for better things in 2012, though if we’re to start looking after 25% of the inpatient population in addition to doing the day job (as one boffin seems to think we ought, to the rapturous reception of Mr Lansley among others) that might be a trifle ambitious. Whatever the case I’m determined to try harder to put virtual pen to paper as it were.

I hope ’11 was good to you all, and whether or not, I hope ’12 will be fantastic for us all. There’s a lot of doom and gloom about pretty much everywhere at the moment, but despite it all there is much to be grateful for (among many other blessings I’m especially looking forward to sampling some home made Mars Bar Vodka over the New Year holiday—if I survive I’ll report back).

So a slightly early Happy New Year one and all, and I’ll be back, soon I hope, to see you all next year.


HyperCRYPTICal said...

Yippee! Just clicked on to my bloggie reading list - do this infrequently - and there you were near the top again! (Often I do not scroll down!)

What does all this mean (?)- I am certain it is not mere coincidence! Now I know you intend to blog more often - 2012 can only be a very good year!

Hope it is better for you (and you are kept out of stitches!)

Anna :o]

Z said...

My GP retired in November. That's depressing enough, after 25 years, so I'm glad you're not going in the same direction. Happy 2012, Dr J.