Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just because you're paranoid....

I'm starting to think my surgery is bugged by the controller of Radio 4.

Two days ago I had a difficult consultation with a man bereft after the murder of his ex-wife and subsequent jailing of her killer after the predictable protracted legal hiatus. The knowledge that her killer is now being held for life in prison has, unsurprisingly, failed to bring his family any closure. They have in effect put grief on hold all through the build up to the court case, and have variously had to relive the events of their loved one's final hours in the glare of public scrutiny in open court. Counsellors for this sort of thing, if they exist at all, are not available in our locality and so the family are muddling through with mutual support and antidepressants.

And today on Today third or fourth lead item on the news.... families of murder victims to be allowed a say in court on the impact of their loss, betwen verdict and sentencing. Too late for this family, and too little to provide true closure (if such a thing is ever possible), but as they say otherwhere, It ain't nothin'.

And since they seem to have me under surveillance I have decided to turn the tables. For some time I have been worriting about posting these stories and preserving confidentiality so here's the thing.... I am moving the surgery to Borsetshire, perhaps even to Ambridge. Hence forth these pages will be populated with Grundys, Archers, Aldridges and Sterlings, to name a few. Any resemblance of the stories here to those fictional entities is of course intended merely for illustration and not as a reflection of the unfolding "Everyday story of Country Folk".

Oh, and I expect soon to be innundated by the malnourished elderly and brain tumour sufferers if the news continues to exert it's strange influence in this consulting room!

Dr J

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