Friday, February 24, 2006


The move to Borsetshire has been a great success already, even if I don't have a story to tell today. You see before, in the Real World, whenever we have more than a heavy frost, on the first day after the precipitation roads are closed or gridlocked.

Now I'm in radioland, even though I had to scrape a full 4mm thickness of white powdery stuff from the big red bus before the school run, everything went like clockwork. If anything despite the extra 5 minutes spent scooping (me) and chucking the worlds smallest snowballs (them) we managed to pick up all the other kids on the school run, drop off at normal time, and I still got to surgery 5 mins early.

Must be all the motorway standard bridleways they have here in Ambridge ;-)

*witness the undignified sight of a grown man thumbing his nose at the controller of Radio 4*

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