Monday, November 13, 2006


It's been a bad week inspirationwise.

It's been busy, but only with the predictable early winter "flu" and invading Dalek hordes. Nothing specially interesting. Nothing very exciting at the weekend either, excepting perhaps the attack of the killer broccoli.*

One thing did occur to me though, on Sunday in Borchester Cathedral for the remembrance service. There we all were, Guides and Scouts, Veterans, Red Cross and St John's Ambulance folk. The Army, Navy and Airforce, the great and the good, and us humble commoners. We were gathered to commemorate the fallen of two World Wars and countless other conflicts.

The last post, a single cannon blast, two minutes silence, a second cannon blast, reveille.

The bishop's sermon on remembrance and peace.

And the national anthem to close.

"Send her victorious" we all bellow with not a hint of irony.

And, in a nation still at war, we wonder why everything is so screwed up.

Then we go back out to the warmest November on record for a bit of light shopping and lunch.

Seems two minutes of sanity is all we get.

*and then the broccoli splurts boiling water out of the pan and scalds my right index figer, so I have to type this in great pain. Perhaps Mr Atkins is trying to get my attention....


Z said...

Sometimes broccoli saves a spurt of boiling water to land inside your mouth when you bite it. It is, indeed, a vicious vegetable.

Cath said...

Spurting broccoli is Nature's way of telling you to steam it, or not to use so much water, anyway.

Poor old finger, Dr J.

Wendz in France said...

Did you slather butter on your digit and wrap it in brown paper? My Gran said it was THE way to treat a burn.

Funny, all those old folk (non) remedies!

Doctor Jest said...

z-- yes indeed. Although it might have been put up to it by the cauliflower that had occupancy f the bottom of the pan....

cath-- well the broccoli was sort of steamed, going in as it had on top of the cauliflower.... on th eplus side what was once blister is now more scab like. Ow!

wendz-- nope, just lots of cold water, and ice pack and a lot of suppressed swearing.

Wendz in France said...

yes - the only way..anyway butter melts and gets all over things.

(erm yes - once..many moons ago..I did try the buttery remedy - load of bollocks it was)


Z said...

Lavender oil. Probably scorned by you, dear doctor, but I keep it by the Aga and always use it (for I burn or scald myself frequently). No blister, rarely more than a faint red mark.

I am quite an Old Wife