Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Five things...

... you didn't know about me.

Having been tagged by the lovely Sooz and after some thought here goes:

1. My fledgeling acting career came to an abrupt halt at junior school when an unkind girl passed rude remarks about my Pharaoh's kilt, and the fact that it showed my pants. What a great artist the world lost* that day.....

2. That said I** did later perform a sell out gig in the Boston Symphony Hall. Yes, really, Boston Mass. not Boston Lincs.

3. Until age 14 I had always seen myself destined for a military career. So I could have been Colonel J by now. Brigadier even. That or dishonourably discharged.....

4. If I wasn't doctoring I would own and run a Hot Air Balloon business. If I knew anything about flying them, which I don't, had a fleet of support vehicles and a balloon, which I haven't, and didn't have to meet repayments on the mortgage for Jest Acres for the next 500 years, which I do... looks like it's more doctoring for me then.

5. I quite like venison***.

* Usual cyber hobnob for the first to spot the allusion.

** Well me and around 200 others. Did I mention I used to be in a choir?

***Which makes me descended from royalty, an outlaw, or possibly both.


Wendz said...

Truly a man of many talents. I think Colonel Jest has a nice ring to it.

Possibly related to Robin of Sherwood?

Cath said...

I agree, Wendz - in fact, I think he's an 'ero (do I get a hobnob?).

There MUST be a market for a hot air balloon choir - think how wonderfully etherial that could be (depending on choice of music, of course).

stitchwort said...


perhaps "not lost, but gone before" - Caroline Norton (1808-77).

*returns Oxford Dictionary of Quotations to shelf*

sooz said...

*applauds* bravo Dr J :)

Shinga said...

Was your first production Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - I'm puzzling about how many works involve a pharaoh's kilt.

Regards - Shinga

Nostrumdammit said...

Nostrumdammit remembers being inaugurated into the Staveley & District Masonic Lodge alongside a Major Jest back in the mid 70's.
Is there any chance that might have been your good self?

The consumption of venison isn't actually the preserve of royalty. My family have been both poachers and gamekeepers since the inception of the Royal Forests during the reign of William Rufus. In fact "Facing the Gralloch" is still part of our traditional family christening ritual, and requires the face of the candidate to be pushed three times into a plate of fresh deer innards and the resultant bloody face left unwashed for three days.
Ah! The memories!

Doctor Jest said...

Sorry all, real life got in the way for a while, but should be back to normal drivelling now.

Wendz-- ah yes, the lincoln green tights... ;-)

cath-- right answer AND a pun to boot. Take two hob nobs.

stitchwort-- Nero it was (delusions of grandeur d'you see?)have a hob nob.

sooz-- *takes a bow*

shinga-- nothing so contemporary. Our HeadMaster was a big fan of the old testament. Many a time and oft did we part the Red Sea at Church Farm Infants.

nostrum'-- Ew! Thanks for that mental image. I know I like my meat rare, but there are limits you know ;-)