Friday, February 15, 2008

Ars longa...

It’s a rather disappointing discovery to be sure. You see the exigencies of child care have occasioned me to take the middle three days of this past week off. In effect I have worked a two day week, namely Monday and today (Friday). Monday was a moderately busy Duty Surgery day, but the knowledge that this was to be followed by three days at home with the kids reduced the normal stress levels this would entail to near zero. And today, back for just a day before another weekend at home, has felt every bit as good.

I have been at my empathic best. I have explored every patient’s knowledge, expectations and concerns* to the uttermost. Dare I say it, I have even come over all “Peak Practice” on a couple of occasions.

All of which is leading me to the inescapable conclusion that far from being the macho, stress busting 24/7 Dr Kildare of the 21st century, I am in fact far more suited to the occasional commitments of the hobbyist, and well on the way to the pipe and slippers.

I think I feel a bit of a mid-life crisis coming on, and that’s a real blow. Especially since heretofore I was rather hoping to give Metheusala a run for his money, which would put the whole “mid-life” thing almost 440 years too soon.


Knowledge, expectations and concerns-- the "Holy Triad" or the Royal College of GPs, to be explored in every consultation. You know the sort of thing. " I know I've got a sore throat. I expect antibiotics. I'm concerned you won't let me have them."


eryn said...

Oh! At med school they taught it to us as "ICE"....explore the patient's ideas, concerns and expectations. Unfortunately i was never too good with ice.

I like your blog, came across it via the 'fortunate man'. Im hoping to become a GP like you good souls ;-p

orchidea said...

Pfft antibiotics. My French neighbour's secret family anti-grippe concoction knocks you out for 12 hours and bashes the holy cr*p out of any bacteria that might have the affront to stand in its way.

I haven't tried it - although M has - and I'd rather not know what goes into it anyway.

Lots of people round here swear by home remedies. Acupuncture/TCM, homeopathy and the like are very popular too. It's not that people don't trust school medicine, but it's often seen as a last resort. Maybe it's a culture thing? I've no idea. All I know is that if you have acute laryngitis, antibiotics are definitely where it's at.

Doctor Jest said...

eryn-- I can't tell from your profile which jurisdiction you might qualify under, but wherever it may be I wish you the very best of luck with the career, and thank you for your kind words. (I rather hope you're training here in dear old Blighty-- it's the whole "pension thing" you see, but the whole world could use more GPs. And if you are training here don't let all the present political cr*p put you off at all, it will soon pass.)

orchidea-- 'tis true to say that a 70% alcohol solution makes the very best antiseptic ;-)

Strangely the other 30% nedds to not be more alcohol as at 100% it pickles but might not kill. Something to do with osmosis IIRC.