Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I've decided I like the controller of Radio 4 after all. Thanks to him (?) it appears I have just been given a truly astonishing pay rise. Of course, like a lottery winner I now expect to be deluged with begging letters and dodgy "investment opportunities", but then, if I'm pulling down a cool quater mil a year that's just par for the course. So, when can I expect my cheque then eh?

Sadly Borsetshire GPs aren't quite so well favoured in fact, so don't go getting your hopes up just yet folks. It seems I shall still be having to turn up to see the punters and troll out this drivel for a while longer, rather than have my butler do it.

Some, likely very few, of my colleagues may be able to command such sums, but not in our practice, where much of the "extra" cash netted under the new contract goes to pay for the running of the surgery.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it otherwise, and I'm not moaning about my earnings, though they don't even come close to the mythic 250k. I just wish Aunty Beeb would look into their stats a little closer before bruiting about that I and my colleagues are the grasping nemesis of the poor NHS for making our contract work. It also irks that they are trying to blame the appalling deficits now emerging on the consultant contract and nurse pay awards.

Still I can't sit here burbling all day, I've got a duty surgery to do.

And a Bentley to order, what!

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