Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Doctor is Out

It's the Easter Hol's and the kids need some quality time with Daddy.... oh, and childcare arrangements proving a little fraught this year, so I am out of the office for a week, doing chores. See, quality time.

Still our staircase now looks all shiny and new. After three years of the minx sliding down the bannister and swinging on the newel post the wood was showing through in a few places. I now sit here paint spattered and with hair prematurely white-- lovely and glossy though-- watching the rays of the morning sun glare dazzlingly from the aforesaid woodwork. I'm also a little giddy from the smell of the paint if truth be told, but it's still a bit cold here to throw all the windows open. The minx moans when her teeth start to chatter, and I'm already in trub' for forgetting to close the bathrrom window early enough last night so she wouldn't freeze when she went up -- "mind the paint!"-- to get ready for bed last night.

Tomorrow we head for the wild west-country, and the computer is not invited, so "normal" service will be resumed next week.

Of course meawhile, having done the stairs, the skirting in the hall is looking a bit shabby. Or minx and I could spend some quality father/daughter time while we wait for big brother to come back from "camp", and mummy to get back from the office.

Must dash, I think I can hear the sound of a ten year old stuck to a bannister!


pink said...

i'd leave her there - in 4 yrs time you'll be thankful ;)

her said...

I'll swap you a pox ridden 5-year-old, and a tyrannical 2-year-old who is recovering from the pox, plus 3 outstanding univeristy assignments and an the sense of impending doom that by the time the eldest child has recovered it will be the Easter Holidays here.

Doctor Jest said...

Back now,

Thanks for the thoughts ladies, but

pink-- sorry the moaning became too plaintive. (And I deny all rumours that she has daddy wrapped around her little finger, so there).

her-- sorry, no deal. been there, done it, got t shirts aplenty. you have my sympathies though. belated I know, but heartfelt nonetheless.

her said...

Belated! Belated! I'm still waiting for them to go...the pox spots would be better off gone too!

Doctor Jest said...

her-- well in our two, and many other pale kids, the spots do seem to hang around don't they. the key is whether all the crusts have come away, if so quarantine no longer needed. the actual spottiness can hang around for ages- and probably won't tan if they get exposed to too much UV this summer either....