Friday, December 22, 2006

A merry christmas to all our readers

Well that's about it. The last surgery before the festive weekend. Four days in the familial bosom to look forward to without the distraction of duty sessions. I have a couple of visits to do on the way out, and then those last few odds and ends to shop for, after that the festivities will commence in earnest, so this is likely to be my last post before Christmas.

So far it looks like Ambridge might be "White" for the holidays only in the sense that it will still be stuck firmly in the middle of a cloud. Still, this year Jest Acres has furnished a plentiful supply of holly and mistletoe with which to deck our halls, so we are having a "green" Christmas if anything.

Thanks to all readers and contributors down the past year, and may you all have a very happy and healthy Christmas. I hope that Santa brings you everything you wish for and your festivities are as cheery as we intend ours to be.

I'll hopefully be back on or soon after 27th December, but be warned we are off to Mrs Snell's Panto in the village hall on Boxing Day so I might still be in "sillier than normal" mode.

Oh yes I might.

Still by then it really will be "behind you!".


Cath said...

A very merry and festive seasonal greeting to you, too!
Have a lovely time and hope your family's Christmas is all you'd like it to be.

Chairwoman of the bored said...

Ho Ho Ho, Dr. J.

Oh yes it will!

Z said...

Merry Christmas, Dr J.

Wendz said...

Have a marvellous Happy Christmas.

Shinga said...

Merry Christmas.

Regards - Shinga

Doctor Jest said...

Than you all, and I hope your collective festivities went as well as ours.