Thursday, March 09, 2006

Being Brave

Today I have decided to be brave.

Buoyed up on an ocean of Blackcurrant Lemsip, engulfed in a miasma of Olbas oil, I have struggled manfully in to work. From the horrified recoil afforded my presence in reception on arrival it appears I may have slightly misjudged the Olbas application. It's hard to tell when you have no sense of smell. Still I've made it in, and polished off the short morning surgery with scarce a whinge or a whimper. You won't see anything braver than that now will you, eh?

Well alright, you probably will. Just don't deflate me by actually telling me about it, 'K.

Hold on a minute, I hear you ask. Did he say "short morning surgery" just then?

Weellll yeeeess, ok so today happens to be my half day, so i get to go and crash for a couple of hours this afternoon before collecting the kids from school- their Thursday treat*, being picked up and indulged shamelessly by Dad for a change.

Still I think I've been very brave to make it in at all, given how poorly I am. Oh and that Red Badge of Courage you discern on my otherwise pristine shirt front... well, I coughed mid hot-blackcurrant didn't I. It's nothing to be alarmed about, honest.

* Who am I kidding... my treat really.


her said...

Bravery in the line of duty. If only the doctors at my local surgery were half as concientious. it would also help if they would tell the local pikeys that as they weren't eeligible for NHS treatment that they wouldn't treat them and to go away instead of letting them harrass patients and staff until they are seen!

Sorry *gets down off sopabox*

Doctor Jest said...

G'day Ms Succubus. Have a toffee. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Sadly since the advent of the new GP contract 2years back surgeries are no longer permitted to discriminate in their choice of clientel. Still if the "local pikeys" concerned are causing a public nuisance they should be possible to get ASBOed if you and your fellow residents feel sufficiently aggrieved.

pink said...



Doctor Jest said...

Prefer the blackcurrant alternate- house name "purpsip"

You ailing or just a lemsip enthusiast..?

pink said...

i'm ailing doctor!

everything hurts, and it's not all down to what i got up to the other night ;)



Doctor Jest said...

Ah yes, but it can't be as bad as my Man Flu. That's a scientific fact that is.

*see your sneeze and raise you a cough-hack*

Anonymous said...

You've got it too? [cough-hack-cough]I guess there's a lot of it about. Any name for this bug? I just want something to curse.


Doctor Jest said...

Jan Hi,

Sorry for the delay. Endless committee meeting. (Nobody prepares you for all the political stuff when you go to medschool...)

I've got a few suggestions what to call it, but really it's just a godawful cold. Which is a total pain 'cos now we've just got to ride it out- so long as you don't develop breathing difficulties of course.

Hope you feel better soon and thanks for stopping by.