Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Man Flu

I know I shouldn't have said it. It serves me right really.

Mrs Grundy *cough-hack-cough* "I don't know how you doctors manage not to catch these things."

Dr J "Well you see Mrs Grundy, we spend the first three years of our training being exposed to all sorts of germs and that gives us a pretty healthy immunity. There's not much that can affect us after that." *grinning smugly*

Mrs G *glazed over* "Well I never. Can I have some antibiotix now please." *hack-cough-hack*

Dr J *noting that this is Mrs G's third flare of cough in 2 months* "Well ok then, just this once."

And off she went, visibly relieved. I hope the antibiotics worked for her.

Right at the end of the consultation I swear I could hear a chittering noise from the corner of the consulting room. Perhaps even a malicious little, spiteful, pixie laugh. (Unless it was the controller of Radio 4)

So here I sit *cough-hack-cough* a week later *hack-cough-hack* running the duty surgery, tending to people less ill than I am! *Cough-cough-hack-hack-cough*

And serve me bloody well right.

Not that I want sympathy you understand.

No no really. I'll be ok.


Don't you worry.....

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