Thursday, March 23, 2006


There's a giant yellow orb in the sky over our little corner of the world. It's taken us all a bit by surprise to be honest. Here we were in the grip of Fimbulwinter and fully expecting the Gotterdammerung any moment, and now we bask in glorious (if still chilly) sunshine. And on an N=1 trial, with that 1 being me, it has dramatically improved the health of the nation. Or in other words I have four lovely unbooked appointments left at the end of my morning surgery. That's four out of eighteen! So suddenly the denizens of Borsetshire at least are that many percent better.

Doubtless by tomorrow morning the effect will have worn off, but it's funny how often a sudden change in weather will have the same effect. Back in the "good old days" when we did our own out of hours cover the same phenomenon would apply whenever there was a particularly good film or top flight sporting fixture on the telly, and on key days in the calendar like Christmas Day and New Years Day (although colleagues in A&E didn't find New Years Day quite the same- something to do with hangovers and drunken stunts gone amis- oh and emergency family planning).

Of course on this occasion I might be mistaken about the healing effects of the sunshine as I've just learnt it's Lawn Bowls day at the Commonwealth Games. Still I feel the phenomenon warrants more study, and I'm perfectly willing to put myself forward to lead a fact finding tour, say to Barbados, if it would help out at all. Of course to further test the theory the visit might be combined with a major sporting event.

Now isn't there a Cricket World Cup happening soon... and in the West Indies you say?


greavsie said...

I sat out in a pub garden at lunchtime today. I had the full arctic weather gear on but nothing was going to stop me sitting in the sun supping a pint.

Doctor Jest said...

Good to hear you're back on the beer Mr Greavsie Sir ;-)