Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mouse counseling

Little known fact but our practice has the high honour of looking after the health of one Mickey Mouse. We hold an electronic patient record for him, so it must be true.

Well, ok, we have a handful of "dummy" patients saved on our system for training purposes. In a moment of whimsy we elected to name them for Mickey and Donald-- or Mr Mouse and Admiral Duck to you-- plus a handful of other animated characters of similar vintage. They come in handy during consultations where you want to check something out without affecting a real patient record, as I had to this morning.

In so doing I couldn't help but notice that Mickey has been seeing our practice counselor rather a lot lately. I wonder what they find to talk about.

It seems though that we are not alone. A short time ago we had a memo from the prescription pricing authority addressed to all practices in the UK asking them not to submit prescriptions for cartoon characters as they were sowing confusion at the higher levels of the civil service!

It seems we've been giving them Disney spells.


pink said...

*groans, and throws dr j his coat*

Doctor Jest said...


Thanks pink, I wondered where it hat got to.

As my first and only visitor you can have first choice from the toffee tin ;-)